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Tangled Hope

One door closes…

SHE DID IT! 😍 I’m so unbelievably proud of my little family. It’s been a tough year of juggling school, work and numerous hospital appointments but this little face makes it all so worth it. To see her smiling after all she has been through... that is what we fight for!  Thank you everyone for all

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And then she was 8…

Happiest of happy birthdays to our CrAzY Potter Head!  Older, wiser and more brave with each passing day! Love you millions darling x#eleanorsvoice 💜

And then she was 8…2019-08-27T14:33:44+00:00


Being a parent is the most rewarding job but also the most heartbreaking.To be told your child has cancer is just devastating. Your whole world as you knew changes in an instant. Every fear becomes real and you are flung into a world you wish not to be part of. Nothing or no one can


Back to School…

I can't quite believe this little one is starting Year 3. She is 7, has two brain tumours, a severe visual impairment due to the location of one of them and is currently on weekly chemotherapy for a year, her second chemotherapy protocol since her brain tumour diagnosis in 2015. She has been fighting cancer

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September is…..

FINALLY!  Cancer Research UK are acknowledging September being Childhood Cancer Awareness month. It has taken years and years of hard work from parents of children with cancer as well as bereaved parents to really make CRUK promote this for just one month. Every October their shops turn completely pink for breast cancer awareness, yet last

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Tests, timings and organisation….

    Now that we have been thrown back into the world of chemotherapy it means that our lives need to become slightly more regimented than we have been used to over the last few years. As this chemotherapy regime is very different to the last we need to make sure that all the cogs

Tests, timings and organisation….2019-04-30T12:30:26+00:00


We were lucky enough for Eleanor to not only have her port-a-cath surgery at the Royal Marsden but also by the same surgeon who fitted her first port-a-cath. Medics, like everyone in the world come in many flavours and finding a good surgeon who is both great at his job AND personable can be tough.


Hello chemo our old friend…

  A year and nine months chemo free, we should be grateful... Unfortunately Eleanor's last scan has shown her new, smaller lesion is not going to stop growing without a little help... help in the way of another chemotherapy protocol. Second line treatment (in the UK) for this type of brain tumour is a 52

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Another family loses their child to a brain tumour before her life has barely begun... Brain tumours kill more adults and children under 40 than any other cancer and yet receives only 1% of the national funding into cancer research. On top of that, and despite Cancer Research UK using children in 40% of their


We believe in Magic…

  Today we said our final goodbyes to the beautiful, selfless and kind hearted Meg Bhari. A young girl who brought joy and happiness into the lives of hundreds of poorly children despite fighting her own brain tumour battle. She set up the incredible charity 'Believe in Magic' when she was just 16 and organised

We believe in Magic…2018-04-24T10:15:40+00:00

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