There are not enough hateful words in the English language to convey my feelings about this current treatment Eleanor is enduring but if we thought she had it tough before we were wrong and she still has 9 months of this!

Before embarking upon any treatment regimen we spend a good hour with Eleanor’s oncologist talking about how the treatment will be administered, timings, signing consent forms and listening to the many many potential side effects, short and long term. So far the short term side effects have been significant for Eleanor and she suffers horrendous sickness, pain and lethargy for a good 48 hours immediately following each treatment (which in itself is a good 7 hours in hospital each time) if she is well enough for school on the Monday following a Friday treatment we are lucky. She has already started losing her hair and can’t be too far from a toilet.

The anti sickness medication we have been given isn’t working or at least it might work if she could keep it down. She is too scared to eat incase it makes her sick, even getting her to drink is tough and that is so important following chemo.

I am now a ninja with a sick bowl and have a sixth sense for when it is coming, it’s kind of like a superpower. The worst superpower in the world!

Roll on the end of this nightmare!