Thanks to the wonderful charity Momentum we were able to take a well
earned family break in the New Forest at the end of May. We got to stay in Momentums beautiful cabin in a country park near Milford on Sea and had a fantastic week relaxing, making memories and relaxing some more. We took Eleanor to the beach a couple of times, and thanks to a friend, out on a boat for a day trip to the Isle of Wight.

Keeping a 4 year old child entertained can be a difficult at the best of times but when that child cannot see it makes things so much harder. It was heartbreaking knowing she couldn’t see the beautiful blue sky and the huge sandy beaches. There were some little bunnies that scurried around near our cabin and I would have given anything for Eleanor to have seen her favourite animal hopping around right near her. We did our best to describe everything we could, so she didn’t miss out on too much. We are so fortunate that she has memories of lots of things and seeing the smile on her face when you explain something she remembers makes everything worthwhile.

The week went way too fast and we are hoping we might get to go back again at some point this year!