In June we were emailed by a company who run special theatre workshops for visually impaired children about a casting call for a role for a disabled child in a Christmas theatre show in central London. I was skeptical at first, having had zero stage or screen experience I thought we were setting Eleanor up to fail and also having recently finished chemo I felt that she needed time to rest without any added stress in her life. We politely declined and carried on with life. A few weeks later they contacted us again as the role had not yet been filled so we talked to Eleanor and she wanted to give it a go!

The casting team at the theatre contacted us and invited Eleanor for an audition on the 2nd July. We thought it might be a good opportunity for Eleanor to experience a real audition even if nothing came of it, so she learned her lines and took it all in her stride. The very next day we were called to say that they wanted to see Eleanor again for a second audition (recall) a few weeks later.


Today we found out that Eleanor got the part!


She will be playing the part of Tiny Tim in ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the Old Vic in London from mid November through to mid January!

The part will be shared with 3 other children as there are a total of 65 shows over the run but Eleanor should get around 16 shows. Performing on stage to over 1000 people.

With Chemo now over this couldn’t have been better timed… what an amazing opportunity. We are so proud!