Picture this…

It’s the year 2020, there is a highly contagious virus sweeping the globe, thousands of people are dying every day, hospitals and healthcare workers across the world are overwhelmed, whole families are being wiped out and the UK Prime Minister has just announced an entire country lockdown.

Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it!?

It is Eleanor’s 9th birthday today. We are currently ‘shielding’ her from this virus which means we cannot leave our house for any reason other than to take her to hospital every two weeks so she can be pumped full of poison which makes her feel like crap for 48 hours. She is immunocompromised due to the chemotherapy and as so little is known about this virus at present anyone on chemo has been advised to shield to protect themselves.

Currently our lives are on hold. We work from home, Eleanor does school work from home and we get shopping deliveries and food parcels from the Government. We see no one, no friends, no family other than on a screen and for the next 12 or so weeks this is our life.

Sun is shining though – that’s a bonus, right?

Happy Birthday my darling. We will do what we have to do to keep you safe