Since Eleanor’s diagnosis our friends and family have been such an incredible support to us.

My female friends from my home town in Hampshire have rallied around and made me feel like I’ve been in some kind of protective bubble of love – it’s almost impossible to feel negative when you have a hoard of girls filling you with positivity at every turn.

For the first ten weeks of Eleanor’s treatment we received a box every Friday filled with goodies to make our time in hospital that little bit more bearable. Each box was sent from a different one of my old school friends and each box was beautifully unique. Books, toys, chocolates, pyjamas, some lovely cards and even a jar of Gherkins (thanks Cathy!) were included, and I found myself almost looking forward to chemo day just to open a box! This was all organised by my wonderful friend Louise who has been a constant support throughout.

My friend Caitlin, who lives up the road, has even made dinner for us a few times and dropped it in to us so we didn’t have to think about cooking!

Friends, and people we don’t even know are raising money for Eleanor’s ‘fighting fund’, taking time out of their busy lives to spread the word and help us raise awareness in to the early diagnosis of childhood brain tumours. You can see details of some of these under the donations section of Eleanor’s Website

We really are beginning to run out of different ways to say thank you to everyone!

So… to anyone who has called or sent a quick message to see if we are ok, anyone who has followed Eleanor on Twitter or Facebook and shared to other friends to get her story out there. Anyone who has, or continues fundraising for her ‘fighting fund’. For all the cards and wonderfully thoughtful gifts that are still coming regularly, and anyone else I may have missed…